Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kitties in the Garden - EVERYWHERE!

I admit it. I'm crazy about cats. Around my gardens you'll find tall ones, fat ones, quirky ones, and real ones....meandering amid the spring and summer blooms. Come meet my feline friends! >^..^<

Two meowy friendly "sentries" welcome visitors, one of them an eye-fluttering girlie-girl...

Nestled in the rocks...

Peonies galore, kitty is taking a bath in the background...

The real cats meows...

A few too many cat treats, perhaps?...

A gift from my bro-in-law, this fella's one cool dude...

The newest addition to a recently expanded garden, my tall gal is awaiting the growing cosmos, zinnias, and sunflowers to envelope around her by mid summer...

And, Cosmo Kitty - A dear friend gave me Cosmo Kitty and said the gorgeous orange/salmon roses from her garden are called Tequilla Sunrise. Cheers to colorful, beautiful blooms in the garden this year!

Come back again soon. We'll take another walk amid the blooms.

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"A gardener is an artist who paints the world with flowers." - Marjolein Bastin


  1. Oh Cheryl this was Fabulous!! You know how much I love your garden tours.

    Cat lover here too! I loved all your feline friends in your garden--decorative and real. Your gardens are beautiful! Love all your peonies--must be magical to see when they are in full bloom! The orange roses are gorgeous--LOVE roses!Such a neat vase for them too.

    Thanks so much for sharing Cheryl--I went on your tour a few times--good job there was free admission. :D Looking forward to your next tour!

  2. How lovely...from one cat lover to another ...MEOW!! lisa (Steffen)

  3. Cheryl! I adore your kittens and your garden. Your new tall cat is sleek and elegant. Wow. She is very cool. Still, the sweet, furry, warm (real) fluff-balls are my favorite in your garden.
    It was so nice to see you recently. I could not find you later to tell you how much I LOVE the recipe book you created. That is nothing short of amazing and deserves an entire post. Did you blog about it? I don't remember seeing a post about it, but the creativity in that book is unbelievable! I was completely blown away! I love that the flip side of each entry includes the envelope. I have a special love of stamps, addresses, and used envelopes as art. Two volumes no less. Well done! That is really amazing and I know Carol will love it forever.

  4. Julie - thanks for your comments, and I agree -great to see you last week! I have every intention of doing a post about the cookie recipe book. Took the pics, just need the time. ;)
    Feel free to stop by and walk through the gardens ANYTIME. No need for us to be home. If you need any plant starts, please let me know ;)

  5. Debbie, Wish you were closer so that you could enjoy the gardens in person and could paint them plein air ;)

  6. I LOVE all your kitties! What beautiful fun creations!


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