Friday, May 15, 2009

Mid-May in the PA Garden

A mid-May stroll reveals bursts of color and a few purrfectly happy faces. Fulfill your artist's senses as you mix your palette with mid-May hues.

Robin's egg blue no longer, the little peeps are shades of siennas and umbers. Happy Birthday, peeps!

Vibrant orange poppies burst from a grassy embankment.

Just back from the local nursery, a box of perennials awaits their new garden home. There are so many colors to hope for here from rich red geum to sunny yellow gazania.

Cheery pink thrift amidst plum pansies border kissing doves.

Royal red azaleas provide an impressive backdrop for glorious pink dogwood blooms.

You never know who you're going to bump into down the street. These black and white holsteins are telling secrets.

My handsome guy peruses the harvest of cherry red radishes...

...and is a big helper amid the sturdy green cauliflower plants.

A soft, apple scents wafts from these burgundy all-spice buds. Wish you could partake.

The garden is sure to change over the next few weeks. Stop back and visit again soon to get your fill of color. For earlier blooms see my blog from a few weeks ago "Color of Spring Everywhere!".


  1. I think the cows were talking about who's "put on a little weight." LOL

  2. Fantastic Tour!! Love these tours Cheryl! They just lift ones spirit. Love all the wonderful color and sweet critter friends.

    Did you ever think of making little books of these tours Cheryl? They would make nice coffee table books. I am going to try soon. You narrate the tour so poetically. Can't wait for the next garden tour!

  3. really were starved for color weren't you? How nice to be back basking in glorius hues....

  4. That Chester sure is a good looking guy!

  5. Great photos! Thanks for posting them.


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