Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Sister - the Tap Pup!

My sister decided to revisit a childhood passion this past year - tap dancing! She enrolled at Vicki's Tap Pups, Adult Tap Classes and began the tippy-tap, tap, tap, tap of shuffling the shoes. Sunday afternoon I saw her tap dance for the first time since I was probably 8 and she was 13. And, boy was she every great!

The Tap Pups performed an annual show at The Forum in downtown Harrisburg, PA that benefitted the local women's shelter of the YWCA. The average age of a Tap Pup is 60 years old. The oldest tapper at today's show was 84. Of the 200 tappers on stage, 3 of them were men, and several were husband/wife teams. Many are working business professionals -- accountants, CEOs, registered nurses, teachers, and more--who simply enjoy tapping as a way to de-stress, exercise, stay fit, and keep those knees limber. And what great fun!. In Sunday's show, everyone was having a blast.

I'm so very proud of my sister for lacing up those shoes and coming full circle back to something she truly enjoys doing. She is always such an inspiration to me. In this video, she is front row, center. WOO-HOO look at that Tap-Pup go!

My sister the Tap Pup! from Cheryl Kugler on Vimeo.


  1. You go girl! Good for you Carol. That looks like a blast. What fun!

  2. What a great post and video. Just like the days at Hopper School of Dance with Miss Sally! Carol, you look so great up there on stage! Well, done!


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