Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Great CHAIRity - Painting a Chair of Boiling Springs

The Cumberland County Historical Society in Carlisle, PA is holding "The Great CHAIRity Event" as a fundraiser for the organization. Over the past several months, about 30 artists have donated their time to paint plank bottom chairs.

The chair I submitted represents Boiling Springs, PA and 3 events that happened there in the mid-1980's and mid 1990's.


In 1992, a local resident released a pair of black swans from Australia as a gift to his wife. Text reads "Black swans on lake token of love from husband to wife. - 1992"

In 1996, my father, a local builder, donated his time to build a new gazebo at the lake. The previous gazebo had been in existence in the late 1880's and had been gone for years. Text reads "Local builder masterfully crafts new gazebo by lake. - 1996"

In 1987, a local doctor gave a large donation to the local civic association enabling them to purchase and preserve the lake for the public. Text reads "Gift preserves Children's Lake for all to enjoy. - 1987"

Underside of the chair:

The chairs will be auctioned off in May 2010. The chair I painted is currently on display at the Village Artisan's Gallery in Boiling Springs. Please stop and visit this wonderful gallery and gift shop.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glamour Puss/Sign Artwork for Tea Room Boutique

Meow! Finally, the artwork on the Glamour Puss Boutique sign is complete. I started painting the sign in January. And, the final touch - steam rising from the teacup - was added this week.

Glamour Puss in all of her beauty:

The Beginning Phase: 3 layers = 3 weeks of waiting between drying time = learning patience with oil paints!

Phase 2: Kitty begins to take shape.

Phase 3: Getting all dressed up. Almost there...

My personal glamour puss and big helper girl:

The sign now goes to the letter painter. And, in a few weeks will go on the front of Camellia's Sin Tea Parlor and Glamour Puss Boutique in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Say, you want a tour of this fabulous tea room? Here ya' go:

* Camellia's Sin Tea Parlor

Thanks for taking the time to view my artwork this week! Come back again soon~


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Painting Class/"Prom Dress Awaits"

The only artwork I've been getting done lately are the paintings for my Painting 1 class at the local community college. It's keeping me v-e-r-y busy!

My blog is getting behind, so thought it best to post a current painting. Here's the painting I created in last night's class:

Five more weeks of class to go! ;)

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