Saturday, February 19, 2011

Icy Icicle Gardens

Eye candy. Clear, sparkling ice encasing everything in our gardens. Gorgeous! Hard to believe that was just a few weeks ago. And then yesterday, temperatures soared to 70 F - something us Pennsylvanians usually don't see until May.

The icy beauty:

The mail person is probably going to be late:

Magnolia buds patiently awaiting the thaw:

So delicate...

Loving the hint of green...

Anyone for a hike?

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

CSI of the Cookie Jar!/Sparkle Magazine Illo

Somebody stole the cookies from the cookie jar! A crime scene investigation is underway. That's the latest illustration I just completed for Sparkle Magazine/GEMS Girls Clubs.

The Final Illustration:

The Sketch:

A thumbprint from the illustration below will be added beside each family member's photo at the bottom of the illustration. The Sparkle graphic designer will then add thumbprints throughout the illustration, and the young reader will have to figure out 'who did it'!

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