Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Black and White - You Remember Film?!?

Remember film? You know, the roll of film that you put in a camera? Before digital?

This past semester I decided to take a black and white photography class where we:
* took photos with a completely manual, 35mm, SLR camera using black and white FILM
* developed the film and enlarged the negative
* used various filters, a timer, tools, and developing chemicals to expose, dodge and burn the print into an artful completion.

Assignment 1: Photograms
Process: layout items on the top of photo paper and expose the paper resulting in a negative output of the items.

Assignment 2: Just shoot film and get used to your camera!
Title: Dad

Assigment 3: Take photos from various points of view.
Title: Fluffy Birdhouse

Assignment 4: Up Close and Personal
Title: The Axe Man

Assignment 5: Secret/Special Place
Title: Turning 14

Assignment 6: Portrait
Title: Jonny's On His Rocker!

Assignment 7: Self-Portrait
Title: ??? (Title suggestions welcome!)

The one that made it into the Student Honors Show....

Assignment 8: Your Choice
Title: Instinctive Shooting

An Extra Shot.
Title: My Nieces

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Photo Class Honors Show/ Instinctive Shooting

Participating in a black and white photography class this semester has kept me plenty busy. The class is winding down and I'm happy to report that this photo I took has made it into the Student Honors Show!

Title: Instinctive Shooting

It will be on display at the Rose Lehrman Art Gallery until this Friday along with about 100 other student photos.