Sunday, January 17, 2010

Influenced By Berthe Morisot - A Series of 4 Oil Stick Paintings

Learning to use oil sticks in last semester's drawing class was so fun!

For our final project, we were challenged to select and learn about a master artist, study their work to learn how they created their compositions, then develop a series of four of our own still life's that were influenced by what we learned.

My Artist: Impressionist painter, Berthe Morisot
I was drawn to Morisot's paintings because of the fancy hats and loose brush stokes of her work.

My series of four oil stick paintings depict a bust of a lady wearing colorful hats:

And, here's the process of creating the fourth and final in the series:

A Bit About Morisot:
Morisot was a woman ahead of her time. Born into an upper-middle class family, she pursued a successful profession as an artist at a time when society frowned upon a woman of class having a career. She was the only female in the elite circle of French Impressionist painters. Because of her social class, her painting subjects were limited to domestic scenes, women and children. Outside landscapes were painted at her family's summer property. Many of her paintings portray her daughter, Julie.

If you enjoyed this post, take a peek at my final project from last Spring's semester:

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my "Creative Time" blog. In a few weeks, I'll be posting an update to my neighbor's duck carving of a Hen Mallard that's she creating for the WARDs world duck competition in Ocean City, Maryland. So, please stop in again. soon!


  1. Love these works. Such a different feel for you Cheryl. A whole other side of you is coming forward. recent art classes have stretched you and it's fabulous!

  2. Wow! These are fabulous Cheryl! Lovely blending and detail. I love how each painting has a sense of story!
    What a great idea to pick a favorite artist and develop work from that starting point. Such a great project you could really immerse yourself in. Loved viewing your progress shots as well. So happy you enjoyed your course--it definitely shows! Bravo!!

  3. Cheryl,

    I love the loose-ness in these pieces. They are so very different from your usual style. Painting will no doubt push you even more in that direction. I completely love Morisot and Cassatt - both loved hats in their work! Thanks for sharing this process!


Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your feedback~