Monday, January 4, 2010

Meet the Duck Junky - a talented duck carver!

Meet my neighbor, Deb. Otherwise known as "The Duck Junky". She started carving ducks in 1993 and has been swimming in blue ribbons ever since.

We'll take a peek at her awards and studio, then follow her progress over the next few months as she carves her next duck, a Hen Mallard, that she'll be entering in this year's WARD World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition at Ocean City, Maryland in April.

Deb and her ducks in the local newspaper:

Where it all happens. Notice the name above the door.

Ahhhhh, and all of those incredibly gorgeous colors of silky ribbons. Well-deserved after hours upon hours of time spent carving and painting to perfection....

Deb's accolades include:
Best of Show for her East Caroline (2 years!)
First Place for her Hooded Merganser in 2008
First Place for her Harlequin drake sea duck in 2009
...and several other blue ribbons at WARDS World Competition, she relays so humbly.

You'd expect nothing less than lots of duck heads gracing the shelves of her studio.

Which one of these is the real one?

The toolbox.

Grinding and sanding.

Carving the details.

The new project - a Hen Mallard.

Next Steps....The Duck Junky will be laying out the pattern and begin rough cutting the wood block. Stop back and share in her progress. It will be fun to cheer her on as she prepares for April's competition.

Please post any duck carving questions you have for Deb so I can be sure to post Deb's answers to them in future posts.
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  1. That's incredible. Congratulations to Deb. Her work is phenominal. So life like. Just beautiful!

  2. I have only one question - When she says she is a Duck carver do people tend to think she is a chef?

    I was down to as far as the photo of the duck heads before I figured out that there was nothing to eat... maybe I just need to break for lunch.

  3. Wow! Awesome carvings Cheryl! Deb makes them look so real. I love how you talk us through your blog tours--so fun and interesting! I look forward to seeing more of Deb's work in future posts. Keep up the great work Deb and love your tours Cheryl!

  4. Wow, and to think I knew her when she didn't know the difference between primary and a pin feather. Congratulations Deb on all your success! Gerry Putt

  5. I'm so proud of you Mom, that certainly is a tallent that you didn't pass to me. I Love You Duckjunky.... your son

  6. we miss meeting you, and chris at the shore, I was researching a decoy today and thought of you, and wondered if you were still carving, obviously you are, and excelling and modest as ever! we hope you and chris are doing well! if youre on facebook I woul love to catch up.take care and congrats! brian and deb fauth


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