Saturday, January 30, 2010

Painting Class/Apples and Hat Box

Oil painting is taking over my life right now! The new semester has begun and will keep me PLENTY busy. I haven't painted with oil paints in over 25 years, and at that time I had only taken an 8 week lesson. So this newest attempt is liking starting from scratch.

In our Wednesday night class, we painted a still life with apples and other objects from the presentation table. After three hours mixing and applying colors, here's what I came up with:

We will spend half of our next class working on the painting again. I would truly appreciate your candid critique and feedback that will help me take this to the next level. Please, please, please post your artist critique in the comments!

And, on a fun little note, here is hubby hanging out with our one kitty last weekend. She's so comfy on Dad's shoulder!


  1. Cheryl you did a wonderful job! Hard to believe you haven't used oils in over 25yrs!! I love how you used the complementary colors orange and blue--really gave this piece punch.
    Love your kitty!! So many wonderful colors in her fur-that's quite a perch too!
    Keep up the great work Cheryl and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your oils! Don't you just love the buttery texture of them?!

  2. I love the painting! The colors are beautiful. Reminds me of some famous impressionist still lifes. The cat picture is great too. I'm trying to teach our new cat to jump on my shoulders. :)


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