Saturday, January 23, 2010

Charlotte's Web - Illustrations for a Local Theater Production

How lucky can I be to have the opportunity to draw the infamous Wilbur from Charlotte's Web?! The theater program at the local community college needed promotional material illustrations for their April performance.

I have to admit, I had to google Charlotte's Web to recall the full story - it's been quite awhile since 3rd grade. ;) Web photo searches of pigs, rats, and spiders provided for an array of drawing references.

The Final Illustration: The "terrific" pig gazes at his favorite spider, Charlotte, while Templeton slumps on the barn post. Plenty of "white space" reserved for promotional text.

The Sketch: "Some Pig" came out of my pencil after quite a few rounds of 'sketch and erase'.

Revisions: After consulting with the publications director, we downsized Wilbur a wee-bit, and moved up the pig-sty dirt to allow for logos, disclosures and text at the bottom.

To Print: the final flyer produced by the college's public relations department.


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  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Charlotte's Web is one of my all time favorite children's stories!! I love the endearing characters in the story and have many fond memories of reading it to my students.
    I absolutely LOVE your illustrations!! You so captured Wilbur's charm and delightful nature! Thanks for bringing back happy memories--I can still hear the characters' voices in my head. Well done!


Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your feedback~