Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gorgeous Green Hedge Apples

Yippee! These gorgeous greens arrived on my door step last night from a true woodsman. I've been searching around for these beauties - an interesting painting subject perhaps??? - and he delivered. They use to be popular in our area and now not so much.

Anyone know the name of the tree from which they fall? 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Yucky"ness to Rockin' Beachy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

These finishes ROCK!!!
(have I told you lately how much I love using decorative finishes by Caromal Colours?!)
Today, I reinstalled these beautiful babies for a client. 
A breath of life is poured back into this crazily outdated kitchen by decoratively finishing them with the soft, pale blue of Versailles. And, it gave my client the fresh, cozy coastal feel she was looking to achieve. 

Want to see them before? Well, here they are in all of their "yucky"ness...

The kitchen didn't need to be ripped out, nor did the cabinet doors and faces need to be sanded and stripped down to bare surfaces (forget that stinky mess!). The best part -- the client didn't need to buy a brand new kitchen!

We can bring your kitchen back to life. So, when do you want to get started? Let's talk!


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