Sunday, May 3, 2009

Color of Spring Everywhere!

The yard is celebrating a bursting feast of Spring color - EVERYWHERE! It's an artist's delight. Come for a walk with me to check out the palette of glorious hues.

Robin's egg blue holds a promise.

A BIG jasmine yellow bumble bee buzzes inside a magenta pink olga rhodadendron.

A broader angle of the magenta pink olga rhodadendron blossoming around a birdhouse.

Cascading soft lavender wisteria graces the fence.

Rosey pink bleeding hearts envelope the petite flowers of a periwinkle blue forget-me-not.

A crimson red azalea sparkles in the dappling sun under an off-white birch and an arching, blush pink crabapple.

My marmalade kitty swaggers past hot pink tulips.

A brilliantly colorful bluebird keeps a watchful eye from a perch above her house. That's an Eastern Bluebird.

A soft pink dogwood surrounded by the variety of greens of solomon's seal, ferns, and fresh cut grass.

Ahhh....and if only you could smell the heady aroma of these lilac purple lilacs!

Lots of perennials are beginning to peak through the warming earth. Stop back again and we'll go for another walk around the gardens to see the next colorful show.


  1. Thank you! Thank you! I love this stroll through your gardens! You are so much ahead of us in the blooming department. What a find to see the blue robin eggs. They remind me of Easter.
    Oh, these wonderful photos made me excited about the new blooms to come here as well. Marmalade was so cute too! Our cat loves to prance around when we are outside gardening as well. Looking forward to your next garden tour :D

  2. Love the wonderful Kugler color names! So much richer than ordinary "pink". Your garden is so pretty as always. The colors are out here at LeBeau Gardens too! No kitties, but 5 big fluff balls and some darling hummingbirds!

  3. Cheryl, thank you so much for taking us along as you wondered through your beautiful garden! What a pleasure. I have a marmalade tabby just like yours, he has a way of puffing up his tail so that it looks like a big feather duster! Wonderful images. :)

  4. Hi Cheryl. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos from your world. I can't wait til spring arrives in my neck of the woods. Great images.

  5. Creative, colorful and memorable...typical Cheryl fashion! Thanks for inspiring a gardener who can't seem to get it together!!!

  6. wow, spring at last! i dunno how it was in Pennsylvania but here in Korea spring really hesistated a lot... love the color, it's just so 'sparkling!'


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