Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blooms Basking in the Summer Sun!

It's mid-July. Blooms are basking in the summer sunshine. Looks to me like it's time for another garden walk!

Many doves and robins join these love birds daily.

Soft lemon-yellow day lilies called "Pudgy".

A long shot up through the blooms.

Then so fun to find this sweet little girl in the leaves.

Gleeful pink coneflowers stretch their petals flat for the sun. Always a garden favorite.

The beautiful periwinkle, pinks and blues of the delicate hydrangea are hard to resist.

A deep reddish-orange day lily catches the eye. A few months ago this garden was bursting with dogwood and azaleas!

A favorite place to relax, read, listen to music and watch the butterflies float over the garden.

Hens and Chicks grow out over this moss covered workman's boot.

Bear's Breeches have finally bloomed for the first time since being planted a few years ago.

And, there is that pretty, little kitty again. Now, if only she could pull the weeds! >^..^<

Other fun garden posts of my Central Pennsylvania garden from earlier this year:


  1. Oh what a wonderful tour! Thanks for sharing your garden with us. I love the old boot. I have two pair of old cowboy boots that I plant up each year, hard to keep watered, but hen and chick is certainly the right way to go for low maintenance!

  2. Aaahhh love these garden tours Cheryl! It is amazing how our gardens continue to change over the seasons. Some of my favorite flowers are in your garden, Hydrangea and Lilies.You are lucky your hydrangea turn a nice periwinkle blue.Bear Breeches are new to me. You must have been thrilled when they bloomed this year!

    I can just picture myself relaxing in your garden retreat on a lazy summer day. What could be better?!Kitty is so cute too! Looking forward to your next garden tour!
    Thanks :D

  3. Aw, love the kitty in the garden & the birdbath:)


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