Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rejuvenating the Artist's Soul at N. Myrtle Beach

Nothing is more rejuvenating for the artist's soul than a week of soaking in the sunshine, toes digging into the warm, soft sand, enjoying the sights and sounds of the ebb and flow of the tide crashing in and sliding back out to sea. Absolutely mindless.

Come along with me to see the colors, shapes, and sounds of a soul-refreshing week at North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

These navy blue beach chairs are calling your name.

Nature shows us her intricate designs in the dune grasses.

A little one's tools of the trade, ready to dig in and get creative.

Someone else already did.

A Dad next door was having a blast sculpting this enormous sea turtle.

Comedian Steven Wright tells of having a seashell collection. And then delivers in his deadpan voice, "perhaps you've seen it. It's scattered on beaches all over the world".

Tiny shells in sandy colors, stripes, and whites.


And, dragonflies.

So many dog pals to meet of all shapes, sizes and colors:

Arizona and company.

Super-cute puppy, Digit.

Aussie, Buster.

And handsome Ertle.

Ohhh...and here comes another little cutie-pie...

A Happy Daschund at N. Myrtle Beach from Cheryl Kugler on Vimeo.

A irresistable array of colorful soda bottles catch the eye at Barefoot Landing, and quench hubby's thirst.

And, "yes", these sweet bunnies told me that "It's time that I will be meeting new friends."

Bright, vibrant lights at Joe's Crab Shack set a festive mood.

One more day...

Awwwww....a loving, heartful message written in the sand.

Colorful skim boards await a run in the surf.

It would be SO easy to sit here for weeks on end and then another weekend.

Here's an extra treat for you. Take a minute to enjoy the soothing waves before you leave.

Watching the Morning Tide Come In at North Myrtle Beach from Cheryl Kugler on Vimeo.


  1. A fortune telling bunny! Where are those in PA? I sure hope Sunny Sunshine doesn't find it first. But, it will know she's coming and all will be well. Smiles....

  2. Cheryl, I felt like I had taken a mini retreat by the time I got to the end of Your blog tour. So delightful and engaging!

    Since I was little I always loved the seaside!
    Of course living in Nova Scotia allows me to get to a beach easily. The ocean always soothes my soul and I can understand why you did not want to leave! Hope the feeling of your vacation stays with you for weeks to come!

  3. I loved all the photos! Felt like I was right there:)


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