Thursday, January 29, 2015

5-Day Art Challenge - DAY 4

Hello Everyone! Today is DAY 4 of the 5-Day Facebook Art Challenge. (But, why let Facebook have all of the fun? That's why I'm posting it here too!) A warm thank you to Debbie Lamey Macdonald, a Nova Scotia artist, for nominating me.

Today, my artwork post is all about transformations. In addition to painting, illustrating, and photography, I am also a decorative painter transforming old cabinetry and furniture to new again.  You can read an article that appeared in The Patriot News this past Fall, here:

So, the decorative painting projects I’m sharing are:
A Kitchen: transformed from stained cabinetry and grey tile floor TO a beautifully distressed white cabinetry and terra cotta floor. Yes, the floor was painted, too! I can’t say enough about the quality and adherence of Caromal Colours paints. But, please ask me about ‘em!

A Bathroom: transformed from blah, sponged, 80’s blue to a Zen masterpiece using Pure Earth Paints.

A Sideboard: Transformed from a primitive brick red to a gorgeous French Country cream with gilded highlights.

Find out more about decorative painting transformations on this page on my website:

Today I am nominating Evelyn McCorristin Peters to participate in the challenge. A talented fine artist dedicated to the humane treatment and placement of boxers!

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