Monday, January 26, 2015

5-Day Art Challenge - DAY 1

Hello Everyone! 
This is DAY 1 of the Facebook art challenge of posting 3 paintings a day over 5 days. (Why let Facebook have all of the fun?...that's why I'm sharing it here, too!). Warm thanks to Debbie Lamey MacDonald, a Nova Scotia artist for nominating me. 

Today, I'm sharing with you a series of paintings I created on a week-long painting and bookbinding experience during a week in March called Creativity Unbound in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Throughout the week, a small, talented and enthusiastic group of artists created small paintings in watercolor and/or acrylics on the grounds of the Calabash House mentored by artist Paul King, then crafted intricate books under the expertise of master book-binder, Bridget Morris of Bella Forte Bookbinding and Letterpress

Imagine the eye-candy we feasted upon as we left a cold and snowy, cabin-fever-felt Pennsylvania March and arrived in the quaint Jamaican seaside town full of warm sun, blue ocean and vibrant blossoms. I think I could of stayed a month! 

My childhood friend, Bridget Morris, coordinated the incredible week and so I'm nominating Bridget to share in the 5-day FB art challenge to share the amazing craft of her bookbinding and letterpress business.

Thanks for stopping by!

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