Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Toad!...Should I Kiss Him?

When raking leaves, you can uncover some funny surprises. This cute fellow was under a pile of leaves that I was gathering out of our basement window well.

So, ummm, should I kiss him?

Your thoughts are appreciated! ;)


  1. I had to look about three different times before I found the little critter. He's very deceptive and talented at "Hiding in Plain Sight". So for that reason I have to recommend that you not kiss the toad. Being both deceptive and capable of hiding, he could be anyone from a senator to a homeless veteran with a devastating addiction to Twitter and drugs. Nothing worse than a druggie on Twitter! So my recommendation is that you not kiss this toad and wait and dispense your kiss to the next human you find with a sense of humor and a perspective with a bit of a philosophical viewpoint (like Me!).

  2. Had to look twice before I found him! Beautiful photograph Cheryl!

  3. Too funny! Thanks everyone for your toady thoughts!! I've decided not to give this fellow a kiss. ;)


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