Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bzzzz...Bumble Bees for Sparkle Magazine

A rainy Saturday afternoon provided for the perfect day to set up at my art desk and knock out an illustration for Sparkle magazine.

Although the magazine is geared towards girls under the age of 10, I must admit I learned a few things about bumble the fact that they do a dance when they find nectar, and (sorry guys), the girls are the worker bees who do all of the work!

The final art (uncropped):

The artist assistant:

The sketch:

The close-ups:

It was a bright, cheerful project for a gloomy, rainy day. Hope this brightens your day a bit too! Enjoy~

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  1. Hi Cheryl,
    These are absolutely delightful--just get giggly looking at them! They are so cheerful and would have grand appeal to children!! Love your sketch as well.
    You are a gifted illustrator--you're able to capture the personality of your subjects so well. Bravo on a job well done ;D

    P.S. Your little helper looks quite content as well. What a beauty!

  2. Soooo cute and happy. Beautifully done. Definitely brought a smile to my face.

  3. Cheryl - the illustrations turned out so wonderful. I loved the early drawing, and then...Wow...your finished work is just superb! How could you not be so successful with such an attentive assistant? I bet you had a fun day working on this project when it was so lousy outside!


Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your feedback~