Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finished - Sparkle Magazine Illustrations "Too Much"!

Colors are added and illustrations for the "Too Much" story are off to Sparkle magazine. I'm liking the color combination and think that the dark hair and red shirt really make the main character pop! Even kitty can tell that she is a little overwhelmed! Enjoy~

The rough artwork can be seen in the previous blog posting of sketches.
The last illustration I created for Sparkle Magazine was all about cupcakes! You can see it here: Cupcakes


  1. These are SO stunning Cheryl! Absolutely well done!

  2. Love the illustrations!!! You are right - the red and black really make her stand out!

  3. Your illustrations are wonderful. Love the kitty!

  4. Fabulous Cheryl! Love the vibrant colors! Love the concerned face on Dad hugging a crying little girl. And, the parrot and the list really sets a nice scene and draws your attention to the list.

  5. I really love these Cheryl! They remind me of books I read my students in school. We always discuss the illustrations. I love your world of illustrations!Really love the blue and red colors--brings the pictures to life! Terrific job! Thanks for sharing :D


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