Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alexandria's Spring Blooms a Few Weeks Before Central PA

Yesterday was the Alexandria Home & Garden Tour and the blossoming trees were in full bloom. Alexandria is about 2 hours south of home, so I feel like I was treated to a sneak peak of Spring a few weeks ahead of Central PA's schedule. I learned a few more plants myself...have now fallen in love with Camellia's and Quince. Here are a few pics for those in Zone 5 that will hopefully tide you over until the end of April. Although we were not permitted to take photos of the private homes and gardens, we did stop at Green Spring Garden in Fairfax, VA enroute. See my previous post of the Nature Lady made of tree bark, magnolia leaves, pinecones and Spanish moss from the same garden. Enjoy!

A gorgeous, 7 ft Camellia - a Zone 6 plant that I sure wish grew in PA

Quince - first time I have ever seen this beautiful shrub and am already in love with it. What an incredibly beautiful salmon color

Interesting texture in the rock garden

the bees were a buzzin' in the Flowering Pear

Sunshine filters through a Flowering Cherry


  1. Gorgeous photos! Wish I could grow a camellia too!

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Posted earlier, but a glitch occurred and it disappeared! What a wonderful tour to be a part of. The blossoms are gorgeous and I can almost smell them from here. It makes me long for fresh spring blooms and warm weather. Thanks for posting. :)

  3. Oh what beautiful flowers!! Way further into spring than we are here. I especially loved the rock garden image. Thanks for sharing.


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