Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meet Matilda, the Resident Cat at the Algonquin Hotel

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to stay at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC. Wonderful because I am a huge cat lover, and the Algonquin Hotel is famous for, among other things, it's resident cat named Matilda. On past day trips to NYC, I have stopped by the hotel just for a chance to admire her, and sneak a little pet down her silky, soft fur.

When I arrived to check-in, the bellhops informed me that Matilda was "out" for her grooming. So after dinner and a show, I returned to the hotel to find Matilda ruling the lobby. A swish of her tail, a well-maneuvered leap up the luggage, and 'plop' she layed down on the front desk, basking in all her freshly-groomed, feline glory. The next morning, she was busy, busy - from the front desk, to the luggage cart, to her personal cat-sized chaise lounge. And, the same, when I returned from my conference in the evening. The next morning she was on check-out duty at the front desk, and I scratched her ears and blew her a kitty kiss before heading out the door.

There has been an Algonquin Cat in the hotel since the 1930's. I was told that the beauty before me was Matilda II. Next time you are in NYC take a minute to stop and meet Matilda, the Algonquin cat, who lives at the Algonquin Hotel. >^..^<


  1. Matilda is adorable! I'd love to stay at a hotel with a resident kitty!

  2. Awww! I wish I knew before I made final plans. >^..^<


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