Thursday, May 11, 2017

Repetitive Word Art Inspires New Creations

Inspired by artists who create repetitive word art, older adults participating in my 10-day artist residency at the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg set to work on their own creations of repetitive word art using words of inspiration.

Repetitive word art created in an 'arts and aging' class.

To start, our class had an interesting discussion around "repeating a word until it loses its meaning"...a phenomenon called semantic satiation. See this NY Magazine article "Repeating A Word Until It Loses Its Meaning".

The group of artists were prompted by the word art of:

John Baldessari's exhibit at MOMA

Daisy Yellow Art Journalling

John Patrick McKenzie from

Repetitive word art created by an art class participant.

Older artists inspired by repetitive word art.

Creativity in progress, inspired by repetitive word art.

The artist residency is focused on creative aging and is an Arts In Education program of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and Jump Street, and is a research initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging.

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