Thursday, July 9, 2015

Painting the Delicate Delphinium

A delphinium is hard to grow. I know. I've tried. So, when my client wanted a painting of a delphinium I knew they'd be a bit hard to find out in a garden. But, I found one and painted it. Let's take a look at the process!

The Finished Painting:
The petals are delicate. The morning sun created back lighting and interesting shadows on the thin flower petals.

Delicate Delphinium by Cheryl Kugler, 30" x 30", oil on canvas
The Composition:
Working from photos I took out in the garden, I began working on the composition in art class at the York Art Association.

Roughing in Colors:
Oh, to me this is the ugly phase of painting!

Making an Adjustment:
After blocking in color and beginning to work the painting, a glaring empty space existed in the center of the flower that wasn't as obvious in the sketch phase. The solution -- add an extra blossom.

Painting, Painting, Painting:

One last peek...

Commissioned paintings are always welcome! Let's talk.

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