Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Process: Creating a Storefront Mural for the Holidays in Lebanon, PA

Over the weekend I painted a holiday mural on the 7' high storefront windows at the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce. It is part of a downtown awareness project of the Community of Lebanon Association and the Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts. The windows will be photographed and put out on the council's Facebook page for voting next week...and may the most "liked" window win. (Details to come.)

Folks are always interested in seeing "how did you do that?". So, here is a bit about the process.

The Final Windows:

The Challenges on-site:
* Painting in reverse on glass! The final mural has to be readable from the outside, yet painted from the inside.
* Flaking black paint! Working with tempura, school grade paint can be a challenge.
* Tinted windows!...means we had to mix colors lighter than original planned.
* Working around the logo! The chamber logo had to be incorporated since it was already permanently fixed on the storefront glass.

The Good News: two amazing people were there to help me make it happen. Many, many thanks to Cheryl Batdorf, from the Community of Lebanon Association, and Sharon Zook from the Lebanon Valley Council of the Arts, who didn't hesitate to pick up a paint brush.

Sharon Zook from the Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts

The Sketch:

Roughed In: Using a grease pencil, I sketched the mural onto the outside glass to serve as guidelines for everyone painting in reverse from the inside.

More Good News: the holiday parade was in full swing. We had entertainment! See the marching band in the street?!

Almost there...

The Final (from the inside):

VOTE! Place your vote by clicking HERE.
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