Friday, December 28, 2012

Snowmen Handstands?...An Acadia Christmas Card

Every year one of my favorite holiday traditions is to create a one-of-a-kind Christmas card for hubby. A summer trip to Maine's Acadia National Park provided the inspiration for this year's card....and gave us both the giggles on Christmas Eve.


So where do these illustration ideas come from?  Scroll and see.
*  Bubble Rock in Acadia seems like it will topple off the edge at any moment...although it's been sitting on this very spot for ages.

*  Don't ask me why, but hubby and I started doing handstands at the peak of this hike. Crazy us.

*  The nephew steered clear of our handstand show (I think he thought we were strange), but then did let us take his picture by one of the carriage road signs.
Together, all of these experiences were a welcomed inspiration for hubby's special card...and awesome memories from such a beautiful place. (Thanks Miss Paulette!!)

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Thanks for stopping by! Here's to an artful 2013. 

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