Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chair Sculpture for 3D Design Class

I decided to take a 3-D design class this past semester, and just finished it this week! We worked in wood, clay, plaster, and metal.

One of the more challenging projects was to find an old wooden chair, tear it apart and make a sculpture from the pieces. The final design was not to resemble a sitting chair, be composed from all angles, create "triangulation", define space beneath the sculpture, and have a sense of force.

And, here is my finished project, titled "Sitting Around":

The local art critic stopped by to give her two cents...

The sculpture made it into the student honors art show and took first place for 3-D design.

On a side note, the chair is actually made from two tavern table chairs. I found them along side a curb, out for trash pick-up on my way home from work. Do you think I should return the chair as sculpture to the place that I found the chairs? ;)

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  1. Cheryl! The chair and "ottoman" are fabulous. So great! As soon as I saw the photo, I wondered if you won something in any shows for your design. Wonderful!

  2. Julie - thanks for your comment. Especially like your titling of the "ottoman" portion of the sculpture - too funny! ;) I need to catch up on blogs, etc. Running behind. Will definitely catch up on Honeysuckle fair. ;)


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