Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spiders Web Illo/Sparkle Magazine Story - "Trapped"

I recently finished a new illustration for "Sparkle" magazine for GEMS Girl's Clubs for a story called "Trapped".

Biggest challenge:
Creating a birds-eye view to give the spider's web primary importance

The Final Illustration:

The Sketch:

Previous "Sparkle" magazine illo:
* Hiking in the Dark

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  1. Well Cheryl, you did what you set out to do with the bird's eye view. The spider web and spider draws the viewer's attention first and then "looks down" and shows the whole scene. Perfect!

  2. Hi Cheryl, You are sooooo good at these children's illustrations! You seem to capture the "wonder" and "innocence" children process. I read children's books everyday with my students and we love discussing the illustrations. I know yours would be well accepted by my students!Really love the perspective of this one! Well Done!!

  3. That's perfect. Just like a spider to build it's web over the door. Happens all the time out here in the woods.


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