Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hot Diggity Dogs and More...at Rehoboth Beach, DE

Hubby and I savored a few last dog days of summer at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware....thanks to the generosity of friends.

Hot diggity dog, this beautiful girl, Daisy, (below!) was more than happy to pose for her portrait.

A jellyfish glistens.

An endless game of fetch. The owner told me I'd have at least 258 opportunities just that day to take a picture!

The Endless Dog Game at Rehoboth Beach, DE from Cheryl Kugler on Vimeo.

Peacefulness amid the warm, soft sand dunes.

Some fun with shells and surf-smoothed stones. Meow!

A sweetie-pie named Sadie trolling along the beach just lookin' to give someone a great big smooch.

We found ourselves strolling through this flower shop during a rainy afternoon.

Delightful, bright red cardinals were on sale there, and benefitted wildbird sanctuaries along the shore. A perfect addition to our flower gardens.

And, Jasper, the resident flower shop dog, soaked in all of the attention, then wasted no time showing us where his treats were located!

I bumped into this honey of a hot dog along the boardwalk! That's my hubby for those who don't know ;)

Out to sea.

Feather Here....Then Out To Sea... from Cheryl Kugler on Vimeo.

And, last but not least, this fella, who we called Ted, just wouldn't leave us alone. We'll save that story for my next blog post!

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  1. Your photos are truly beautiful, Cheryl. I love all the puppy friends you met. I am anxious to hear about Ted. In 1984, a ringed-billed gull befriended us in Florida on our back porch. My grandmother immediately named him "Jonathan" (not too original). He returned every year until 2006! We knew it was the same bird because he was the only ringed-billed around...AND he would knock on the glass doors! I am not kidding! Ted must be a character too!

  2. Wow, great photos! I love Rehoboth beach, one of my favorites. Lots of fun shops and restaurants!


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