Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kitties and the Rhodies

Summer is here and there's nothing my kitties like to do more than roam around the flower gardens. This rock is a popular hangout spot for looking out on the pride and scoping out voles. The pink rhodadendron in the background adds a pretty backdrop for my orange boy and multi-mix gal.

In a few months the orange tiger lilies and soft pink coneflowers will splash new color over this part of the garden. Stop back and visit!

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Patriotic Tea at The Freedom Log House in Spring Grove, PA

On Friday, my friend and I went to tea again. We enjoyed a delightful afternoon being pampered by our host in an Americana atmosphere at The Freedom Log House in Spring Grove just outside of York, Pennsylvania. Folk music very softly plucking away in the background, tiny twinkling lights illuminating the ceiling, and the patriotic reds, whites and blues dotted the decor.

A navy blue napkin awaits unfolding.

Our pamperer. She was just super!

Peaches and Cream scones "to die for" - so tempting served warm and made with fresh peaches and white chocolate. Ohhhhhh.....SOOOOOO good.

Let me show you those scrumptious things just a little bit closer. Can't you just smell their sweetness?

And, don't forget the clotted cream. I was about ready to lick the dish clean!

Next up, raspberry vinegarette dressing on fresh green salad.

The main spread - homemade chicken noodle soup that was out of this world, served with delicious chicken melts. Topped off with an iced blueberry-lemon cooler.

Let me show you those chicken melts just a wee bit closer. Makes you want to just take a bite, I'm sure.

Ohhhh, and then the strawberry shortcake.

Need I say more?

A walk around the gift shop brings lots of delightful sights. Primitives, antiques, candles, crafts...and many enticing colors all around.

Love those wide, wood plank floors. They add such a warm, cozy ambiance.

A holiday room brings snowmen, pine boughs and holly at the beginning of summer...

A colorful, old-fashioned coffee tin.

Weathered folkart crafts are all around.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dew on a Pennsylvania Wheat Field

I snapped both of these pictures of a Pennsylvania summer wheat field on an early morning walk last week near Carlisle. But, I can't decide which one I like the best. NOTE: You should be able to click on the pictures to see them enlarged.

The first photo highlights details in the wheat. The beads of clear dew sparkle on the fresh, green wheat reaching toward the morning sky. The farm is fuzzy in the background, but that dew is so clear and in focus. Inspiring.

The second photo captures the landscape a bit better. The farm is in clear focus in the background, freshly plowed earth softens the composition, but the details in the field of wheat aren't quite as engaging.

Which picture draws your attention the best?

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